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The Glory of Youthfulness

What’s the major difference between a 25-year old and an 80-year old?
Age? Apparently. But beyond age, energy.

You see there are certain activities that you can easily do at 25 which you would not dare at 80.
For example, imagine an 80-year old grandfather running a sprint race alongside a 25-year old university student. Most likely, the student will arrive at the finish line a century before the grandpa. That’s because the former has far more energy than the latter.

The youthful season comes with an enormous amount of energy—mental, physical, emotional etc. And like any other form of resources, if it is not put to good use, it will be painfully and regrettably wasted.
That said, let us explore the various ways we can utilize our youthful energy such that later on in life, we can look back and smile.

Serve God.
You knew this was coming, right? Not to sound cliche, but the youthful season is one of the best seasons to serve God, for many reasons—one being that there are fewer distractions, and another being that the harvest at the end of the day will be a bountiful and wonderful one. So, tell everyone about Jesus and lead them to Christ, be generous in giving towards the expansion of God’s Kingdom, pray fervently and join a service group in church. Both now and later, you’d be glad you did.

Put your mind to work.
Binging on Netflix, spending unbelievable hours on social media being a keypad warrior and shouting “school na scam” to anyone who cares to listen will only make your youthful season empty and wasted. And we’re sure you don’t want that.

What you can rather do is to build your mental capacity by reading books, soaking in useful and relevant knowledge from the internet and staying around wise people. Then, you’ll begin to think productively, and who knows? You could have that lightbulb moment that will make you top Forbes’ list in a decade or less. In as much as we’re itching to offer more points, these two would do for now. Remember, the devil wants you to waste your energy so that that will hurt God and cause you to regret later.

But, you’re more than a conqueror(Romans 8:37) and you were made to give God glory, so go out there and release your energy to the glory of God.

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